F4tr4xX – Some Heavy Bass Tunes

Dornier Museum, Friedrichshafen

Since f4tr4xX first thinking, music was more than just simple tones and sounds. Music always was complex, as life itself. With the age of 13 he discovered DJing as an essential passion and now with the age of 31, nothing has changed on that. It is the essence of his existence. For him DJing never only consisted in just mixing one track in another, one by one. It was always about explore and create, to shape new worlds and dimensions. He always lost himself in music, it is not only about frequencies, it is about its own way of perceiving.

Driven by his deep passion of creating music, his second passion was born. Event managing. Bring Sound and Light into the hearts and minds of people is the main mission.

MINDHEAD (his Event Agency) stands for perfection in every aspect. Visit one of his events, like „LOW-CUT“ to convince yourself, how it would feel, take your first steps on an unexplored planet.

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