Kimber – Some Electronica Tunes

Zum schwarzen Sperling, Ulm

Kimber has been played for allready 20 years, starting with Jungle D&B, nowadays he is playing selected Bass Music around 130-170Bpm, genre dosen’t matter. Kimber became pretty early backup for the StepupShow of NmeClick and for 6 years as a fixed host of the show. He had different series of events in Ulm, among other things he and his crew were the first who brought Alix Perez to Germany. He has already played with national and international heros like Kemo MC at the ‚The Tube‘ in Stuttgart wich was one of his personal highlights. After playing for couple of years, 2011 Kimber started with producing his own tracks. Thanks to his versatile style it is difficult to describe his taste of music. Kimber does what he just feels and what he enjoys. His fist realease was on the cologne label Basswerk.

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