Klangkunst – Some House Tunes

Schloss Sigmaringen

The DJ-duo Klangkunst consists of the two best friends Frieder and Jakob. It all started with the well known festival „SonneMondSterne“ which they attended together at only fifteen years old. Out of admiration for the Artists who appeared there, the guys took the opportunity to play their favorite music at parties all around the heart of ‚Oberschaben‘ (Upper Swabia).

Soon this idea was accepted and so Klangkunst was able to play at the nightclubs of their homeland at the age of 16 and also became host DJs at the most famous nightclub of southern Germany: Douala Ravensburg. For more than 4 years the two DJs have been organizing parties every single month at many different clubs in Oberschwaben as a side project called „Commaklar“. This series of events guarantees a good mix of electronic music and hip-hop due to regional and internationally known artists.

During their own performances however the two remain playing same genre as they have been playing since their very first performance: A good mix of Deep House, Tech House and melodic Techno music. Their name „Klangkunst“ is composed of two things: the burning passion for music and the creativity which is cultivated by them in form of street art and graffiti.

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