DJ Crypt – Some Hip Hop Tunes

Applaus Gin Pop Up Store, Stuttgart

This time we have DJ Crypt. Really happy to have him on board. He’s part of the Snowgoons DJs and the Famous Deck Team. He is a tornado on the turntables.

Thomas Grehl, born in Sigmaringen at the Danube, is better known to the party scene as DJ CRYPT. Inspired by the works of DJ Revolution, Craze and Mirko Machine, his style covers a wide range of musical tastes including hip hop, soul, funk, and breakbeat, basically anything that rocks. Mixing it up with some dank nasty scratches at the highest level you get a wicked sound which makes you move.

One reason for his party suited sound is definitely his first hand knowledge of the party music scene. Crypt is frequently the life of the party and knows how to spice it up, quickly transforming the lamest audience into a rip-roaring dance hall. On the other hand, Crypt is totally conscious of his responsibility as a DJ to produce quality sounds, and aims for the perfect show at every opportunity. Only at a live performance can you witness his sense dedication as he dishes up a first class sound. Menu, sprinkling each track with some of his renowned scratching style.

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