Yo-C – Some HipHop Tunes

Kulturwerk, Ravensburg

Having performed more than 400 sets at renowned venues in almost every corner of Germany over the past few years, the Leipzig-based YO-C ranks among the most celebrated black music and hip hop DJanes that this country currently has to offer. Her masterclass handling of turntables earned her not only a slot in the framework programme of the World Championships of Beatboxbattle in 2009, but also support slots for some of Germany’s finest MC’s, such as Sepalot (Blumentopf), Bass Sultan Hengzt, SAM (Chimperator) or Rapper Kid Ink. Moreover, YO-C’s infectious fusion of urban sounds, rap classics, trap and dubstep has made her a successful participator in numerous DJ-battles and contests. She was awarded the title ‟DJ of the Month” by Prinz Magazin in 2009 and she makes a regular appearance whenever the second division basketball team Uni-Riesen Leipzig play at home. In the still male-dominated world of nightclubs, YO-C has proven that talent ultimately is all what matters in order to prevail. Her great level of experience and her outstanding skills have already allowed DJane YO-C to demonstrate her abilities in Austria; now, she is eager to showcase her abilities in some other European countries.

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