DJ Angelo – Some Funky Tunes

Conrad Sohm, Dornbirn

With almost 20 years experience, a collection of DJ accolades,and the relentless determination to perfect his craft, DJ Angelo deservedly holds a place as one of the world’s most respected and “complete DJs” – successfully straddling the complex arenas of Club DJing, Turntablism, Exclusive Parties, Music Production, DJ Product consultancy, and much more. His appeal is universal, and with support all over the world (including over 10 million YouTube views), he is no stranger to rocking superclubs, festivals, high-profile events, and underground parties on a global scale.

Burma-born, UK-raised, and driven by an inherent passion to entertain others, DJ Angelo’s humble beginnings on homemade turntables, gave him the grounding to strive and become the globally acclaimed DJing sensation he is today. Not satisfied as being labeled as only a “scratch DJ”, Angelo invested years into his craft, researching genres and the art of orchestrating emotions through music, all in aid of honing a unique style and brand of entertainment which he entitles “Feel Good Fusion”.

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