Neokortex – Some Techhouse Tunes

Douala, Ravensburg

Neokortex started collecting records back in 1996. After some experiments with a crappy record player, he decided to sell his beloved e-guitar to buy a dj-set – despite the warnings of his mother to keep his instrument. This was the beginning of a great passion and never regretted once! Starting from Hip-Hop, continuing to D’n’B, this journey headed to House and Techno, not to forget some inspiring holidays in Breakcore and Dupstep.

This diversity is always alive in his sets and you never know which influences will be combined on top of driving Tech-House beats. The love for the music he plays is reflecting on the dancefloor and keeps people moving with a smile on their faces. But still – this is serious 4-to-the-floor business – and strictly vinyl.

Playing and living all around Germany he is now based in Ulm where he did random off-location raves with some like-minded friends as the Ottentotten. Recently these parties have found a home at the Sauschdall, where they are now known as Stadtranderholung.