Noklu – Some D&B Tunes

Dornier Museum, Friedrichshafen

Noklu is none of these standard disco-guys, and certainly not at all when we want to talk about his story. It all started in the 90s, with the Fantastic 4 and the Beastie Boys, East17 beats and drums. One day encounters Noklu a pair of Technics, and he decides to make „this DJ thing“. After jobs in bars, on hip hop jams and 2-3 Mixtapes later Noklu has his first „real“ job as a resident in Stuttgart N-Pir. There follow bookings in Jazzkeller Tübingen, Färberei4, brewhouse, Blue Tower, Universal D.O.G., Hi, Hidden Place, amplification, cell and much more.

Then 2010: The birth of N.Y.A.D.S. aka notyouraveragediscoshit! A crew with the crazy claim the clubbers always demand something more than maybe necessary. A crew with addiction of beats, bass and freshness a crew constantly looking after the stark Flash. Noklu is one of them. Starting with Rap & Soul music, he supplies the partygoers today mostly with music somewhere between Rap & Hip-Hop / Funk & Soul / Electronica / Dubstep & Grime / Drum n Bass and many other unexpected things.

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