Pulcher – Some Techhouse Tunes

Secret industrial building

Born in 1979 in Germanys Motorcity Stuttgart better known as Benztown. In the young age of 13 Pulcher starts playing piano, this was the only way listen to the beautiful chords of Dr. Albans Nr. smash hit „Its My Life“. After playing 100 times the same shit Pulcher starts to compose a lot of harmonies and melodys. But in 1993 he had no opportunity to record any idea.

After years of dreaming be a StudioOwner, RaveRapProducer ore what ever in the late 1997 a dream comes truth, Pulcher spends a lot of money to get a pair of Technics Mk 1210. Time changed, scratchsession, djing, hanging up in a real recordstore, organizing partys and clubnights., bringing 110% to the love of music! No we are in the end of 2015. Pulcher never stopped making, collecting, playing music. This is the way how it goes and it will go on and one.

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