Sepalot – Some Club Tunes

Privat Skate Hall, Ravensburg

Sepalot is part of the german hip-hop group Blumentopf and also has been releasing his own stuff since 2008! His taste of music is wonderful and he is an amazing producer and DJ. So, let’s give him a warm welcome to BassFilez!

Sepalot regards himself as a true artist, bridging the gap between mutliple genres with his dynamic and electrifying live show and ambitious DJ sets. A demolition charge of a set garnished with matured experience, concerted fusillades. Sepalot considers DJing an art form. A curator of his clubnights resulting in an orchestrated uproar on the dancefloor.

With two 1210’s, an MPC and his live drummer Sepalot makes his way from Philly to Moscow, via Vienna and on to Syndey, diving into a sea of beats. His album productions including national and international artists such as Fashwan, Blu, Jesper Munk, Miss Platnum, Saigon, Ladi 6, Frank’n’Dank and his bavarian beat kondukta fusion gained worldwide recognition and even platinum status.
„Rainbows“ the first single from his 2011 album „Chasing Clouds“ was a YouTube smash and generated over 200.000 clicks in next to no time after its release. The arts section of germanys biggest daily newspaper SUEDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG honored the the album with the following quote „one of the most outstanding pop productions of the year and certainly the best hip hop album in 2011“.

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