17. Januar 2017

BassTalk #9: Solid Frame

Check out this episode of BassTalk with Solid Frame.

The NME Click originates from Ulm/ South Germany and consists of Önder, Vali, Heiko ‚SolidFrame‘ and Marvin ‚MC Marvelous‘ on mic duties. As one of the oldest German crews they are well respected within all corners of the Drum&Bass community for promoting events such as Noir – Pitch Black Drum&Bass, NME & Friends, Echoes From The Future, Touchdown or the FEEEL! Festival. Their music found homes on respected labels such as DSCI4, Basswerk, Blu Saphir, Climate, Icarus Audio, Mindtech, Shadybrain or Trust In Music. Their Back-To-Back DJ-sets are intense, combining the experience of 23 years and the different influences from the 3 DJs Heiko, Önder and Vali. They play all different flavors of Drum&Bass. Never too shy to draw for a Classic in between their upfront selections they have always six keen eyes aimed towards the dancefloor. MC Marvelous completes the quartrain. A force in his own right he´s well known for hosting an endless list of A-list DJs all over Europe. Their steady commitment to the scene brought them international bookings from UK (Lightbox) and Sardinia (Sun And Bass) to Hungary (Fields Of Joy), France, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia or Netherlands, playing for well established brands such as Fusion, SonneMondSterne, Breakzone or Kings Of The Jungle. Alongside being the NME Click the boys also have different sideprojects: Heiko is mastering and engineering other artist’s music besides writing music for his own Classified Chaos and Solid Frame projects for NME Click.

Watch his BassFilez set here.

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