Double L – Some Drum&Bass Tunes

Haarschneiderei, Ravensbug

Double-L was infected by the Drum & Bass virus by musical milestones such as Goldies ‚“Timeless“ and Roni Size‘ „New Forms“ in the late 1990s. In 2000, he became a resident at the legendary Ravensburger Club Douala, where the likes of Jeff Mills, Kemistry & Storm and Monika Kruse are still playing. Since 2002, he and Mellokat have been organizing the popular „Reclaim the Beats!“ Party series, which this year will be celebrating its fifteen-year anniversary and is one of the oldest drum and bass nights in Southern Germany. In recent years, there have been numerous prominent DJs, MCs and liveacts such as John B, DJ Storm, Jenna G, Kabuki, or Lightwood. As a DJ, Double-L has earned a good reputation at numerous gigs in renowned clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.